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    Biiiiitch yes this used to be my jam lol

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    Muslimah weightlifter wins right to compete in modest clothing

    Heavy lifting doesn’t unnerve Kulsoom Abdullah, who has helped to throw open the doors for Muslim women in the international weightlifting arena. 


    FUCK YEAH!!! I’m imagining her as a superhero who picks up Islamophobes and tosses them into the ocean

    Girl you better work!

    Please stop and read this.

    I’m doing a project on gay rights in today’s society.

    So if you believe that same sex couples should be allowed to get married, please reblog this.

    This would be a lot of help, thank you.

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    Beyoncé seems to have found the fountain of youth.

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    Oh twitter…. 😭




    challenge everything



    - How’d you get this?

    It wasn’t exactly… legal…

    How to Get Away With Murder (US ABC, Thursdays) - WATCH IT! - Keep in mind they are bringing on the gay:

    "I knew I wanted to push the envelope, especially with the gay sex," Nowalk explained to me. "And to me, writing the gay characterization and writing some real gay sex into a network show is to right the wrong of all of the straight sex that you see on TV. Because I didn’t see that growing up, and I feel like the more people get used to two men kissing, the less weird it will be for people. I just feel like it’s a lack of vision that you don’t see it on TV, but ABC has never had a note about any of the weird stuff in the show, so I’m gonna keep it going." (x)

    This scene threw me for a loop lol

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    El pintor y su herramienta

    I been looking for a painter
    Mes existo un pintor asi :)


    Forgot to post these pics from my shoot with, Iso-100 photo … Thank you again ! Had so much fj doing this shoot

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    I knew it!!!!

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    Sit on my face and do this.

    Make that shit clap Nicki!!!! Lol

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    I don’t see how you can fix a sink with a hammer but go ahead, take all the time you need :)

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